Finding a Customer Service BPO that Speaks Your Language

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Your customer service teams face two main issues. First, customer service needs to do more than solve problems. It must also deliver an exceptional buying experience that builds trust in your brand. Secondly, as the world gets smaller, you need to make sure your customer services can meet the needs of a global audience and reduce the friction caused by language barriers. 

How do you ensure your customers’ voices are heard? By finding a customer service BPO that speaks your language — literally and figuratively. 

Language Localization for Seamless Communication

Multilingual support is good, but it’s not enough. When global customers try to work with call center staff, accents can impede communication and cause frustration. More than a simple translation, customer service language needs to be local and culturally sensitive. That’s asking a lot from your customer service team; but thankfully, it’s not a task they have to take on alone. New advancements in AI technology can help. Here’s how:

Conversational and Culturally Aware Chatbots

AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants can take on many basic inquiries that come into your support team and can do it in your customers’ native languages. The chatbot can also be trained to be culturally sensitive, adapting greetings and explanations to specific regions. Customers can talk to an AI-powered chatbot using natural, conversational language, and the bot can answer questions, provide information, or signpost them to resources. It reduces wait times and eases the burden on your internal team. 

Real-Time Translation and Accent Modification

No matter where your customer calls from, they can get clear, concise answers in their native language in a familiar accent. AI-powered real-time translation paired with accent modification technology allows agents to use their natural speaking style while ensuring they are easily understood by the customer, regardless of location. This tech reduces customer frustration, improves customer service, and creates an exceptional customer experience. 

Finding a BPO that Aligns with Your Company Values 

Speaking the same language is essential. However, a partnership with a customer service BPO is stronger when they speak the same figurative language too. You need a partner who shares your company’s core values and understands your brand identity. When they do, it: 

Creates Brand Consistency

Your BPO becomes an extension of your brand. Their drive to deliver exceptional customer service directly reflects on your company. You’ll want a BPO with a proven track record of customer service so your brand can provide the best customer experience possible. 

Engages Employees

Your customer service BPO should prioritize employee training and well-being to keep the workforce engaged. Engaged agents are more invested in providing excellent customer service and boosting satisfaction scores.

Builds Mutual Success

Sharing a common vision for success makes collaboration easier. Look for a partner who understands your business goals and wants to help you achieve them. 

Partnering with a BPO that speaks your language creates a foundation for a successful business relationship. Ultimately, that can give you an edge in a global market. 

Bridge Communication Gaps with AdviseCX

AdviseCX understands the power of the customer journey. We work with brands to help them find a customer service BPO that can deliver exceptional customer experiences and align with your brand values. We get to know your needs and match you to one of our carefully vetted BPOs. Our team can even negotiate the contract process on your behalf and launch the new service so you can concentrate on growing your business. 
We speak your business’s language. Contact AdviseCX today to bridge communication gaps and take your customer service to a global level. Let’s discuss how we can help you deliver exceptional customer experiences everywhere you do business.