Employee Experience Strategy

Employee Experience Strategy

EX Drives CX

You know the age-old adage, “The customer is always right!” It is a helpful technique for instilling customer service. However, unchecked, it can be a dangerous interference with serving a business’s other essential people group: employees.

We are a customer experience (CX) consulting firm that knows the equal importance of the employee experience (EX). Business leaders likely have interactions with some customers in select situations. Still, employees are the ones who take on the bulk of those interactions — and without them, most businesses could not exist.

Research shows that when employees have a positive work experience, it overflows into how they create the customer experience.

It is essential to hire the right people — especially for customer-facing positions — and provide them with a positive work experience.


Employee Experience Consulting

Best Practices

The competitive labor market forces employers to adapt strategically to the workforce’s expectations. A positive employee experience depends on more than just a satisfactory paycheck. It requires a thoughtful approach to every phase in the employee lifecycle — from the first time someone encounters your business through the daily rhythms of their work once hired.

EX involves the work environment, workplace culture, management and leaders, and opportunities for growth, success, and well-being. We assess and advise on the following phases of the employee experience.


A proactive HR strategy will interest potential talent even before someone starts a job search. We look at multiple recruitment marketing channels, including social media, referrals, job distribution, and employer branding.


The application and interviewing process should be pleasant and efficient for candidates while never compromising skill and cultural fit.


A new employee needs proper orientation for success, including thorough teaching on organizational mission and culture, role clarity, equipment, and peer connections.


The pace of change in the marketplace fuels the need for expanded capabilities and competencies. We advise on job-specific education and training to close skill gaps among your employees in their current roles.

Career Development

Development differs from training in that it aims to prepare employees to advance into future roles, a typical priority for people.

Performance Management

A key process for employee engagement is a regular, standardized performance management system — creating a safe space for transparency, reviewing progress against targets, assessing cultural alignment, recognizing contributions, and providing healthy and constructive feedback.
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Employee Experience

Creating a Competitive Advantage

Approaching all of these activities with intentionality amasses into a rewarding employee experience, which leads to a triple-win:

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