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Operations Strategy

Operations Strategy

A Customer-Driven Approach to Operations

Every day, business leaders must make operational decisions in an effort to achieve competitive advantage and organizational goals. Decisions like where to operate, who to employ, and what technologies to use are integral to the success of any company. Further, these are not “one and done” decisions; market fluctuations and evolution require leaders to keep up with trends, revisit plans, and adapt strategies regularly.

Businesses employ different types of operations strategies based on their specific market needs. These strategies meet customer needs, desires, and expectations while reducing operating costs and expanding capabilities for the most efficient and effective consumer experience possible.

As a customer experience (CX) consulting firm, we focus on internal operations and provide customer-driven strategies.


Strategic Operations

Long-term Optimization

We understand the long-term implications of decisions on competitive advantage. Through our operations strategy consulting services, we analyze a company’s operations and then make custom recommendations that optimize capabilities.

Site Selection

Location and infrastructure affect a company’s operational capabilities and customer experience. Our analysis considers several factors, including proximity to the market, availability of labor and skills, amenities, safety requirements, costs, growth potential, and political/cultural/economic conditions.

Data Security & Compliance (PCI, HPAA, SOC1, SOC2, ISO)

Data security involves measures like encrypting data, controlling user access, and establishing reliable backup systems to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information. These security measures are critical for avoiding cyber threats, strengthening customer credibility, and adhering to your industry’s legal requirements and compliance regulations.


Finance, marketing, and sales positions significantly impact customer experience. Our strategic staffing services offer a proactive approach to talent acquisition and retention. Key responsibilities include defining staffing requirements, forecasting demand for skills, and hiring for skill and culture fit.

Compensation Strategy

We help you structure a package that enables you to compete for top talent and inspire superior performance while managing resources.

Training Assessment

Effective training includes defined objectives, measured results, and evidence of success. We conduct assessments, gather feedback, and analyze data to determine training effectiveness and provide improvement guidance.

Curriculum Design

Companies should readdress their training if it takes longer than three weeks, is older than two years, or lacks automation, self-paced learning, and fun. We build custom curriculum that is efficient, digestible, and effective, which we measure by attrition, customer satisfaction, quality, and NPS scores.

Team Meeting over strategy

Operations Strategy

High-Value Solutions

We are here to support your capacity decisions, process choices, and IT implementation. Our strategic process involves analytical and scoring techniques to determine the highest-value solutions for your business success.

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