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Walking in Your Customers’ Shoes

Do you know what it is like to experience your company as a potential or existing customer? At what point do potential customers disengage from your company—and why? Where do existing customers get most frustrated by their interactions? The customer experience (CX) is a journey; you must understand it to improve it. Fortunately, you don’t have to be a mind reader or play guessing games.

You just have to leverage the magic of customer journey mapping—and you can do it with the help of a CX consultant.

CX Consulting

Bridging the Gap

Best Practices

Sometimes, a team is too close to the brand to assess the customer experience objectively. When you work with AdviseCX, we bridge the gap and help you understand your customers and their experience more authentically by bringing objectivity, expertise, and our journey-mapping process. Through researching analytics, collecting feedback, and profiling target customer personas, we identify every step of your customer’s journey and create a detailed roadmap. Imagine knowing the factors that inhibit or motivate customers’ forward progress. AdviseCX’s customer journey maps provide you with invaluable insight, including the buying process, emotions, user actions, user research, and solutions for a positive — and profitable — customer experience.

CX Consulting

A Necessary Roadmap

People engage with a brand in numerous ways over time, from initial awareness through post-purchase loyalty. These interactions — called customer touchpoints — may be direct or indirect, with people, products, or technology. They also may be positive or negative. It is critical to understand what happens at these points because they are the moments potential or existing customers form an opinion of your business, which influences their decision-making. The customer journey refers to the total experience of customer touchpoints, and customer journey mapping is the method of visually representing that journey as a roadmap for use as an internal tool. Beyond just the touchpoints, a robust customer journey map includes customers’ associated feelings — such as frustration or confusion — and any actions you want them to take.

When organizations have a customer journey map at their disposal, they can use it to:

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Journey mapping serves teams across an organization. Marketing, sales, and service teams can gain insight into each stage of the process, supporting cross-functional understanding and collaboration.