Destination CX

As we launch into this important new year of CX, the team at AdviseCX wanted to provide you with our predictions and trends for 2022. To go boldly where only the most successful companies have gone before…and all that stuff… 

Will they ALL come true? Probably not.  

Could some be considered controversial? Possibly.  

Do we care? Well…Yes!  We care about making sure your customers receive the best possible service while making YOU the CX Hero within your company.  

So, let’s get started!  

Prediction #1 (The Big One) – Covid 19 becomes a non-issue for contact centers in the first half of 2022. 

Let’s not get too excited – COVID 19 is not suddenly going away. Like any virus, it will continue to be a part of our lives. HOWEVER, what will change dramatically is how we react to the virus. Via a combination of vaccination, a general weakening of virus severity, and natural immunity, COVID 19 will become no more concerning than the mild flu or possibly even the common cold. So…we can get on with our lives! What does that mean for CX? What does normal mean in 2022…?  

Prediction #2 – Hiring & Retaining Qualified CSRs in the U.S. will not get any easier.  

We hate to say it, but the struggle to find and retain good, qualified people will continue to be the norm in the U.S. Offering higher pay and top-notch benefits is just table stakes at this point. Companies will need to find additional ways to differentiate and engage associates, like leveraging predictions #3, #4, and #5. 

Prediction #3 – Brick & Mortar Contact Centers in the U.S. will have stranded capacity – work from home is here to stay.  

Working from home is no longer a pandemic contingency – it is a permanent fixture in how CX gets done. The vast majority of customer service workers now expect the ability to work from home, and there are certainly many additional benefits from a distributed workforce. As such, leading companies will continue to offer and improve their work from home capabilities. Companies that don’t will struggle mightily. That said – it takes a lot of work and know-how to build a successful work-from-home operation.  Make sure you are placing focus on the processes, tools, and training required to create a highly engaging and supportive working model.  

Prediction #4 – Nearshore and offshore location options will become even more interesting and grow rapidly  

Why? Because they aren’t having the hiring issues we are experiencing in the U.S. and have a proven ability to deliver high-quality services and customer satisfaction at a much more competitive cost than U.S. operations. We have a network of pre-qualified contact center partners that matches your business needs with the right partner, all but removing the risk of outsourcing your customer service.  

Prediction #5 – Adoption of digitally-enabled self-help solutions will become a “must-have” for CX-focused companies.  

Why? Well mostly because it’s actually what customers want – when done correctly! Customers don’t really want to talk with an agent unless they have to, and companies would rather resolve transactions digitally because it’s much less costly. Who loves a win-win??!! (And who’s sick of that phrase?)  Today’s AI capabilities can also enhance the support and engagement CSRs experience, making them more satisfied and confident in their roles.  Happy agents = Happy customers! 

Prediction #6 – Products and Services will continue to become more commoditized. Customer Experience is the new differentiator.  

Companies that embrace change now and get on the leading edge of CX disruption (with new thinking, new technologies, new alignment to customer expectations) will win BIG! Companies that drag their feet will quickly fall behind and may never recover.